Texas Roof and Fence was started by Steve Ormand of Denton, Texas. Denton is located just north of the Dallas Ft Worth Metroplex. We serve all roofing and fencing customers throughout the state of Texas.

Steve Ormand identifies himself as a Christian first, then, a husband, a father, a brother, a friend and someone that puts morals and values at the top of his list. He was raised to believe each of us are given 3 names.  One we are born with, One our parents give us and most importantly the One we make for ourselves!

Steve Ormand has resided in Denton Texas the majority of his life. He attended 1st grade at the “original” Sam Houston Elementary School, which was later torn down and replaced by a parking garage built on the University of North Texas Campus. Ironically, his grandfather built the garage structure for UNT. He graduated from Denton High School in 1982 and continues to maintain contact with many classmates. Steve attended UT Dallas and Southern Methodist University. In 2000, Steve started Geek On Wheels Computer Service and in 2007 he transferred ownership to his son, Reese Ormand, upon his graduation from UT Austin. Reese re-branded Geek on Wheels to specialize in managed services for small to medium businesses. The new brand was named Techvera and is located in Denton. With previous experience in the roofing and fencing industry, Texas Roof and Fence was born. Steve has received many professional awards and is an established businessman in the Denton community. As a previous Insurance Adjuster in Texas and Oklahoma, Steve offers additional value to the home owner. With his 14 years of roofing experience and almost 10 years of project accounting and administration as well as 18 years in manufacturing, he understands all levels of a business. His commitment to customer satisfaction is 2nd to none in the business world. There are others who claim they are dedicated to their clients, but Steve can share several references to verify this statement.

Steve and the exceptional team at Texas Roof and Fence can assist with any roofing or fencing needs including building, replacing or repairing any type of roof or fence. There are many roofing and fencing systems to choose from. Call Steve and find out which one is right for you and your budget.

Texas Roof and Fence

Denton Texas

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