Our Standards Are High!

At Texas Roof and Fence, we know your roof covers your most important investment. That’s why we treat each house like we own it. You have to live with our work for years to come, so we do it right from the very start using the best materials.

See the difference……..Our Roofs are listed on the left side of the table below. Our competition is on the right side.

Roofing The Right Way.

Texas Roof and FenceThe Competition
Tear off old roof to the wood deck to visually check wood for rotted decking.Tear off shingles, leaving old felt paper and felting directly over it. If you can’t see the wood, then you can’t know if there is a problem with it.
Replace felt with a stronger Premium Synthetic Felt. This is woven plastic and is the moisture barrier for your roof. THE MOST IMPORTANT PART YOUR ROOF!Others replace felt with the old tar paper felt. It still works but is the cheaper alternative.
Replace all drip edge. This is the metal edging around your roof.Most of the time they leave the old drip edge on to save money on materials.
Flash all valleys with Ice and Water Shield. We spend the extra money for the best materials. The old metal valleys build a lot of heat in Texas causing shingles to curl on the edges. With Ice and Water Shield the heat dissipates arcross the material. We know 100% that our valleys don’t leak. (Open Valleys) In those rare cases, we still run Ice and Water Shield under the “W” metal to remove the heat from the area.If they use anything at all, it will be metal valleys. Again, Texas gets too hot for valley metal. Ice and Water Shield cost a lot more than the old valley metal. So chances are, they won’t use it.
Install Premium Shingles. We do not use contractor grade shingles. We use the best shingles we can get. While we use most of the manufacturers, we only use the higher quality shingles from each one. We install these shingles with 1 1/4″ galvanized nails. The best we can get.Most others will run down to the local home fixit store and pickup contractor grade shingles. While these are OK, they are just that, OK! Do you really want CHEAP when it comes to your home?
Replace all plumbing vent or pipe flashings with painted lead flashings. The old rubber boots only last about 7 to 10 years in North Texas. When they rot, your roof leaks down the pipes directly into your home.Most will replace the rubber boots around your pipes and paint them if your lucky. The boots are much less expensive.
Replace roof vents as needed with painted metal vents. Plastic vents get damaged by UV rays and it weakens the plastic.If these get replaced at all, they usually put plastic back on due to cost.
We inspect all permanent flashings. Chimneys, HVAC and Skylights need to be reflashed at times. We do this using a combination of Ice and Water Shield and Metal to ensure no moisture gets into your home.These usually get over looked and cause leaks in your roof. We fix hundreds a year that are not flashed correctly. If we have to fix them, that should tell you something!
We keep it clean. We understand this is your home. We have guys on the ground at all times dealing with the trash associated with installing your new roof. We run magnets around your yard to pickup stray nails. We take thousands out of the roof, so this is an important part of the process. We always leave your home like we found it and better.Most others will deal with trash when it’s already out of control blowing down the street and into your neighbors yards. If they pickup nails, sometimes it’s by hand. Make sure they run magnets.
Shingles are guaranteed by the manufacturer for 25,30,40, or 50 years depending on your choice.Same
5 Year Workmanship WarrantyThey all offer a 5 or even a 10 year warranty, but will they still be here?